Building a Business with Brand Strategy


Industry & Competitors Analysis

The industry analysis forms a very important step into the development of your brand presence in the market. It comprises of a detailed examination of the past trends, supply mechanics and current demands with the future prospects of the industry. This helps give a clear view of the entrepreneur to make proper decisions and investors about the potential of the industry for investment. The Competitors analysis is done to understand your position in the industry and identify the threats and opportunities. This gives you the right idea about the strengths and weaknesses of your organization that help to make the right strategic changes for higher returns. While gathering information about your competitor we look at:

  • Action plans and strategies used by your competitors.
  • Identify the right competitor.
  • Analyzing competitor’s capabilities.
  • What is your competitor planning?

Re-engaging Your Audience With Brand Refresh

Digitization opens up many avenues for business growth. You can always run more than one campaign and projects in order to understand the mindset of your target audiences. Among the many strategies that businesses use is an emerging trend of brand refreshing. This is different from rebranding. Brand refreshing keeps the identity of your brand with the previous visuals with a twist in refreshing look. The steps involve

  • Updating the logo and brand identity.
  • Use of social media and digital marketing for brand positioning.
  • Development of buyers persona.
  • Doing proper research.
  • Competitive analysis.

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