Interactive Landing Page

Landing Page Designer in Jaipur

A Landing Page Structure and content needs to be appealing, marketing friendly and conversion centric. We as a Digital Marketing Agency in Jaipur focus on designing a landing page to target your customers/users directly through Google Adwords or Facebook Adverts. The well written copy includes the classic business school ACRONYM - AIDA (ATTENTION - INTEREST - DESIRE & - ACTION)

Focuses on:

  • Grab the Visitor Attention
  • Increase their Interest
  • Appeal to Desire
  • Show them to Take Action.

A Landing page is a page on your site which is used for promotional purposes of any platform. The landing page must have better design and structure and better content as compared to the website as we need to brief all the information and USP in a single page. A landing page is different from other pages of the website in that it follows both of these criteria: It has a form that allows you to capture a visitors information in exchange for the desired offer. A better Landing page converts visitors into profitable leads. We will decide the template & ready all the stuff which can be used for Landing designed to convert visitors into profitable leads. Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA).

Our Landing Page Design Process

Our comprehensive Landing Page design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website page for your business.


In this process, we explore other competitors landing page and trying to figure out the different styles, patterns, so that we can create better than others. We decide the template & collect all the stuff from our clients, which can be used for Landing page creation. This process involves all the landing page goals need to be implemented such as: call to action, catchy headline, source supporting media, use simple contact form. We design the blueprint for Landing Page on paper. In this process, we decide the color, font style and layout of the Landing page.

seo process

Final Landing Page

After the sketch process and collection of all the data, we start coding for the Responsive Landing Page. Based on the client’s logo we choose the color combination and pattern of Landing Page. It is created for keeping in mind the target audiences of our customer. we communicate with the client for final approval after the quality check is done & Responsive Test (Mobile Friendly/Tablet Friendly) of Landing Page. Once it’s approved form our client we’ll make the Landing Page live with URL or a Subdomain of client’s Website.

seo process