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Contact with best web design company in Jaipur for logo design. Check some logo portfolios. Fortune Media Works offers logo design service coupled with online identity for your business products or services. The logo of any company is the brand identification and the start of a successful brand strategy.
Fortune Media Works has a creative team of designers in Jaipur, Rajasthan who specialize in creating best custom design logos. Our logo design team in Jaipur, has delivered a lot of professional logos which are affordable and liked by everyone.

Logo is important because

  • Reveals your Identity
  • Fosters Brand Loyalty
  • It communicates professionalism and builds trust.

Logo is just not about designing, colors and shapes. It is more about the character and values of the business or organization. You will be surprised to know how a simple yet sophisticated logo encompasses a variety of ideas. Fortune Media Works, website design company in Jaipur provides a quality, creative, professional and Best Logo Designing services for Indian and global customers.

Our Logo Design Process

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


When we take up any logo-designing project, we try to understand the business of the client. Our team fixes an initial meeting with the client to know his or her requirements. Your logo represents the essence of your business and your vision on which you function. Our team tries to capture that very essence through the range of questions asked from the clients. The client also tells us about the type of logo they would prefer; words, image, illustrate or animated.

seo process


Once we have an idea about the type of business and vision of the client, our team starts the second phase. In this step, the team ensures to increase their overall understanding of the client’s needs. This involves doing full research on their business, market, nature of their customers and competitors. After this, our team carries out the brainstorming process and conceptualizes the idea to work on. It paves the way for the next step of drafting and preparing the logo drafts.

design process


This is the third step in which the logo design concept is put to execution digitally. Here, the team ensures it has enough logo concepts at hand that will produce a good number of rough drafts. The purpose of preparing drafts is to help get a better view of the development of logo around the brief given by the client, research and ideation. Again, the best ideas will reach the computer and take up the shape of the logo. We still tinker with the font type along with the images.

seo process


Just like any other project you need feedback from different sources to evolve it into the best version. We put the rough draft through the test of feedbacks. The client has shared the concepts we are working on or directly sharing the draft of the logo with them. This allows the client to have a better vision of what to expect. Even the unbiased feedback from the fellow employees help remove any issues. The designer then works on the logo with the revision based on these feedbacks.

seo process