Pay per click

Pay per click is the model of internet marketing where advertiser pays a fee each time on one of their ads is clicked. Fee is based on search querry and location where advertiser want to show their ads. It’s most effective and fastest tool to bring relevant traffic to your website. You can target your clients at google as well as other google display/content network sites through Remarketing with display & text ads. In PPC model we can start ads instant and can find our ads at search engines, which is in the reach of internet users easily. In current scenario internet users are increasing very quickly and they searches their daily need on internet through search engines or other online resources.

Pay per click provides to advertisers purchase opportunity where people may be surfing There are nine steps to which is to be followed in the process of PPC.

Keywords research

Ad creation

Landing page development

Account set up

Tracking installation and testing

Campaign launch

Monitor performance

Campaign assessment

Analysis and feedback

We can advertise through PPC at Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook etc.