SEO service in Jaipur

Dominate the Top Positions of search engine with our systematic SEO strategies. Google uses 200+ Factors to rank a website. With our experience in search engine optimization, our team will focus on all the factors which help in improving the website ranking.
SEO Agency in Jaipur, Fortune Media Works has helped many small and medium enterprises to generate targeted traffic and grow their business online. So you may take our SEO services to help your business grow to the next level and dominate the search engines. We don’t promise overnight results, because it’s not possible. We will plan an SEO strategy which will grow your business multifold in the long term.
Fortune Media Works offers unbeatable SEO services in Jaipur and outside also, and our team members have much experience in SEO. You can get started with an SEO Audit Report and we will provide details about how to improve ranking of your site. Our SEO services will be helpful for you grow your business organically. We have customized SEO packages to suit your business goals. We offer small business SEO, Local SEO and Enterprise SEO.

Our SEO Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.

Establish Goals

The first step in determining your Search Engine Optimization strategy is deciding how you’ll measure success. Since this is an SEO strategy, the first thought is usually "rank highly in the search results." You can use a hybrid SEO strategy that uses some keywords to rank highly for high-volume, poorly-converting searches, while also targeting extremely well-converting keywords that don’t get as much volume. We need to decide the goals of our SEO then we should go further.

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Identify Target Audience

When goals of Search Engine Optimization is selected then next step is to determine your potential audiences. The best way to do this is to construct buyer personas (also known as marketing personas). Buyer personas are generalized representations of your customers - they tell you who’s interested in and using your products. When building your buyer personas, Google Analytics is also the best option to get the details about target audience or target group.

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Finding Right Keywords

Keyword selection is an important process as before starting the Search Engine Optimization campaign, keyword selection is the first step because once keyword selected, it’s not possible to change the keywords in the middle of the optimization process. We work on the right keywords for your website. We Use our SEO strategy to categorize your keyword research. Group your keywords by persona and intent, so you can keep in touch with your audience throughout the conversion process.

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Build Your Site

It depends on whether your website is already completed or we need to design and develop. Website is already completed then we make changes according to the SEO need or if we need to design then we build your website pages around your keywords, with a landing page for each keyword topic. When creating your landing pages and website, we include your keywords in the following places like URLs, meta description, Title Tag, Heading (H1, H2) etc.

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SEO is a constant and ongoing process - Search Engine Optimization is like riding a bicycle, either you keep moving or fall down. There’s no set it and forget it an option in Search Engine Optimization. We keep track of your progress by monitoring any increases and decreases in search traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of the website. In this process, we keep the right metrics, making the right optimization in the right place where your website will achieve the goal. Below the process create section same as logo designs with heading.

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