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Exclusively for Expanded reach, Greater promotions, Increased traffic, Better sales and Boosting Brand image and popularity. Fortune Media Works, Best Digital Marketing services in Jaipur, offers you social media consultancy and ultimate solution to all of your social media marketing problems. Social Media marketing has its own rules and regulations that govern its functioning. Only a professional like Fortune Media Works can help you get your word out to a majority of people, in fact your word will get out to more than half of the world's population, who are using one or other platform of social media.

We provide two social media channel for promotions:

  • Facebook Promotion.
  • Instagram Promotion

Fortune Media Works provides social media marketing services are focused on putting your company in a better position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Right now we are handling various Facebook Advertising promotions of various clients with the best ROI.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

Our Social Media Strategies that go beyond just posting. Build a vibrant presence across social platforms to captivate them!


We develop an intimate understanding of your consumers and what their interests are through social media listening tools. We create post (image) for Facebook & Instagram. We are the best social media agency in Jaipur which provides Facebook and instagram promotions. Promotion includes Social Media Post Creation, Post Sharing in the groups, Post boosting. Creative (Post) is created with contact details, brand logo, brand or store location/address, a message what we need to show from it.

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We work closely with brands to understand their objectives, build a compelling brand story and create customised solutions for various social media platforms. Consult Fortune Media Works for social media services with affordable rates. We weave unforgettable brand stories to captivate existing and new customer for maximum reach and engagement. We formulate the right social media strategy and execute it to get better results for our customers with cost effective.

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We continuously track results of social media campaigns on various platforms. With these insights, we optimise campaigns in real-time for optimal performance. At this stage we work to improve promotion campaign structured for you. Optimization of social media campaign is a regular process. The results of Social Media Marketing depends upon how the campaign is being structured, executed and optimized. Contact us for Social Media Promotions.

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